ZZ Top / Cheap Trick

Joel Voorman

Since 1970, Houston, Texas natives, ZZ Top have consisted of vocalist/guitarist Billy Gibbons (the band’s leader, main lyricist and musical arranger), bassist/vocalist Dusty Hill, and drummer Frank Beard. “As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers”, according to critic Michael “Cub” Koda. “Gibbons is one of America’s finest blues guitarists working in the arena rock idiom […] while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section support.”

The band released its first album, ‘ZZ Top’s First Album,’ in 1971. Beginning with blues-inspired rock, the trio later incorporated new wave, punk rock and dance-rock by using synthesizers. Their songs have a reputation for containing humorous lyrics laced with double entendres and innuendos.

The band’s top-selling album is their 1983 release ‘Eliminator,’ which sold more than 10 million copies in the United States. Total record sales of 25 million place ZZ Top among the top-100-selling artists in the United States, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. That includes 11 gold, seven platinum, and three multi-platinum albums. By 2014, ZZ Top had sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. (LONG, LONG, OVERDUE!

Speaking of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, right on the heels of ZZ Top, Cheap Trick was inducted in 2016.

Cheap Trick released its debut album in 1977 and first found success in Japan with the release of its second album, ‘In Color,’ later that year. The band would achieve mainstream popularity in the United States in 1979 with its breakthrough album ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan.‘ Cheap Trick reached the Top 10 in the U.S. charts in 1979 with “I Want You to Want Me” and topped the charts in 1988 with “The Flame”.

Over the course of its career, Cheap Trick has experienced several resurgences of popularity and has sold more than 20 million albums. The band has toured consistently, playing over 5,000 shows.

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