The Menzingers

Featuring singer/guitarists Greg Barnett and Tom May, bassist Eric Keen, and drummer Joe Godino, The Menzingers formed as teenagers in their hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2006, then later relocated to Philadelphia. The band made their Epitaph debut with 2012’s ‘On The Impossible Past,’ which was voted Album of the Year by Absolute Punk and Punk News. Arriving in 2014, their fourth album ‘Rented World’ was praised as “packed with clever songwriting” by The New York Times and “a colossal fist-pumper” by Stereogum. In February 2017, The Menzingers released their fifth album ‘After the Party,’ which landed on best-of-the-year lists from outlets like Clash and Noisey, with Stereogum praising its “almost unfairly well-written punk songs.”

The band is on tour in advance of their forthcoming album, ‘Hello Exile,’ due out October 4 on Epitaph Records. The Menzingers take their lyrical narrative to a whole new level and share their reflections on moments from the past and present: high-school hellraising, troubled relationships, aging and alcohol, and political ennui. With the band achieving that soul-baring intimacy all throughout the album, ‘Hello Exile’ emerges as The Menzingers’ most emotionally daring work to date.

The band has released the video for the first single off the forthcoming record, “Anna”. [See Video at top of post] On the track, The Menzingers turn their incisive songwriting to matters of love and romance, exploring the glories and failures of human connection. A wistful piece of jangle-pop, “Anna” paints a portrait of lovesick longing, complete with dreamy recollections of wine-drunk kitchen dancing.

Hometown heroes from right here in Cleveland, The Sidekicks are joining The Menzingers not as local support, but on their national tour! Their lablemates at Epitaph, The Sidekicks made their debut with 2007’s ‘So Long, Soggy Dog’ and followed the album with 2009’s similarly punk-influenced ‘Weight of Air.’ The band embodied a more melodic sound with 2012’s ‘Awkward Breeds,’ and fully showcased their tightly honed pop sensibilities on 2015’s critically acclaimed ‘Runners in the Nerved World.’ In 2018, the band released the sunniest, most ebullient songs they have ever recorded with ‘Happiness Hours.’ Pop Matters described the record as, “The spray of a cool wave on a hot day, the breaking of the sun on a grey day, or the laugh in spite of sadness.”

Queen of Jeans is Philadelphia dreamy crockpot pop. The music, lush in its retro guitar and ethereal three-part harmony composition, is clever while introspective, sparking comparison to the likes of Roy Orbison, Cocteau Twins, and contemporaries Warpaint and Angel Olsen.

Uproxx describes Queen of Jeans as, “[A] modern take on the doo-wop sounds of the mid-twentieth century, with gorgeous ethereal harmonic vocal melodies drifting atop clean guitars and a simple drum beat. Although clearly taking inspiration from the rock and roll sounds of yesteryear, Queen Of Jeans have made the style completely their own, crafting sound that is both welcoming and challenging.”

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