‘The Man In Black: Tribute to Johnny Cash’

Joel Voorman
'The Man In Black: Tribute to Johnny Cash'

Shawn Barker’s Tribute to Johnny Cash is an accurate and energetic recreation of an American music icon.  Universally considered the pre-eminent Johnny Cash tribute artist, Barker has an uncanny resemblance to Cash.  His strikingly similar looks, voice, and spot-on mannerisms revitalize the true character of Mr. Cash himself and have led Barker to an immensely successful career performing his tribute to the original “Man in Black.”

With his striking resemblance, spot on mannerisms and baritone voice, Shawn Barker embodies the character and spirit of Johnny Cash. Shawn Barker’s first Man in Black show was held in 2004 at a casino in Niagara Falls and hasn’t stopped since.  Barker performs close to one hundred shows each year, regularly playing Las Vegas and coast to coast throughout North America, as well as stints in Europe and Australia.