‘Pints AND Pies – The Akron Craft Beer Festival’

Joel Voorman
'Pints AND Pies - The Akron Craft Beer Festival'

Pints & Pies – Craft Beer and Pizza Festival

Experience amazing pairings of Craft Beers, Artisanal Pizzas & Savory Pies.

Purchasing a ticket gets you 15 beer samples, a commemorative beer cup and access to all the pizza/pie samples!

Hoppin’ Frog to brew a special release for the event.

The Akron Civic Theatre is combining the art of craft beer brewing with local artisan pie-making to present Pints & Pies. A spin-off of the very successful Akron Craft Beer Festival, Pints & Pies takes the love of good craft brews to a new level. Patrons will enjoy handcrafted beers from some of the best craft breweries in Ohio and across the nation. We’ll pair them with samples of locally made, artisan-style pies — pizza pies, savory pies and sweet pies.

Fred Karm’s Hoppin’ Frog brewery will be unveiling Sattler’s Civic Pride IPA, a New England-style IPA with the addition of fruit. The characteristics of this fruited New England-style IPA will be light color, medium-light body and bitterness, with a juicy, fruity hop flavor and aroma that make this beer style appealing. To take it over the top, Hoppin’ Frog has decided to create all those IPA characteristics but in a beer that will be around 12% ALC./VOL. To accentuate the juicy fruit flavors and aromas, they will add fruit to make the beer truly something special.

Pies & Pints will offer tastings of close to 100 beers, presented in stations throughout the venue and organized by style: Fruit Beers and Ambers; Lagers and Pilsners; Wheats, Wits and Hefeweizens; IPAs (including New England style and Brut); Ciders and Meads; Sours; Belgian Ales; and Browns, Porters and Stouts. All styles will be paired with the best “pies” in town, prepared by local chefs and bakers.

Ticket info

All tickets for participants are $40; Designated driver tickets are $30.