Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid will bring their Pretty in Kink tour to Cleveland on Friday, March 8, 2019 at the Agora Theatre. This is a tour not to be missed! Never has there been a lineup that was more true to its name! Lords of Acid released the album ‘Pretty in Kink’ in 2018 and have since chosen Orgy and Genitorturers to be their tour mates.

‘Pretty in Kink,’ harkens back to their early days of ‘Lust,’ and features new singer Marieke Bresseleers, who is a classically trained singer with an impressive vocal range- quite different from Lords of Acid vocalists of the past. The making of ‘Pretty in Kink’ was different in that the album’s sound was partially influenced by input directly from fans. From the title of the album to the song titles and content, the fans were involved, from the beginning to the end of the recording process. Principal member Praga Khan even asked for input from the fans on demos of the potential tracks!

Lords of Acid toured during the middle of recording the new album, giving Khan some time away from the studio and, presumably, time to ruminate on what he had already recorded and what he wanted to do next. The album features heavy guitar riffs and the sexy dance floor beats that have made Lords of Acid a legend. Praga Khan is the only remaining member of Lords of Acid, but the revolving cast of characters, especially singers, over the years, has kept the band’s sound evolving and their live shows fresh. The band is renowned for their wild and kinky stage performances which often feature audience participation. In the past, the band has brought up audience members onstage to be chained up and spanked as well as recruiting audience members to come onstage and get kinky with each other. Since their inception in 1988, Lords of Acid has released six studio albums and six compilation albums and are also loved for their remixes of their popular tracks over the years. ‘Pretty in Kink’ features such mouth-watering tracks as “Sex Cam Girl” and “What the Fuck!”, which promise to bring even more of the X-rated fun that we always expect from new Lords of Acid material. We can only hope that Lords of Acid continues its long tradition of kinky theatricality onstage and gives us more spankings and whippings, as well as, hopefully, some great vocals courtesy from Bresseleers.

Orgy is renowned for their albums ‘Candyass,’ ‘Vapor Transmission,’ and ‘Punk Statik Paranoia.’ Orgy first rose to prominence in the late 90’s with Top 20 singles “Stitches” and “Blue Monday.”

The Genitorturers have been a staple in the fetish rock arena for many years. Gen, the vocalist and bandleader is a consummate performer and has never let audiences down. With onstage whippings and spankings on the regular, she always leaves the audience wanting more. Her penchant for bringing audience members onstage for the kinky shenanigans is legendary. Their latest offering, ‘Blackheart Revolution’ is a heavy mix of original songs that are as catchy as they are powerful and sexually deviant. With songs such as “Cum Junkie,” their live show is notorious and not to be missed. Anything and everything is fair game, so be prepared for an aural and sexual onslaught.

Ticket info

All tickets are for general admission and priced at $25 in advance. Tix can be purchased in person at The Agora box office or online, below: