Joel Voorman

Alt-rock band Guster, hails from Boston, Massachusetts and was formed while members attended Tufts University in the early 1990s. The band is known for its music being included on the soundtrack of several television shows and movies, such as Martian Child, Disturbia, Wedding Crashers, Life As A House and The O.C.

Guster is also known for its very liberal taping policy, which allows fans to unabashedly record their shows without consequence. Guster is renowned for its harmonies, unique guitar riffs and infectious hand-percussion beats.

They are noted for their live shows, in which they often play funny cover songs and employ tons of musical improvisation. Guster is touring in support of their new album, ‘Look Alive,’ which showcases a more playful tone in the evolution of the band. After all these years, it cannot be said that Guster has lost its sense of humor. Singer, Ryan Miller notes that, “This new record is a nine-song record and eight of the songs were recorded with Leo Abrahams. He was an equally gigantic force in the record. Obviously, we’ve developed a lot as songwriters and sonic people. But, it was such a strong mind-meld with Leo pretty much right from the beginning. His imprint is all over it and a lot of that stuff that comes in has a lot of synthy energy on the record. It’s a much more audiophile record. It is one of those records you would ultimately tune your PA to because there’s a lot of sonic exploration that we haven’t done before. It feels very fearless in a lot of ways. We are just very confident in terms of thinking this feels musical to us. There’s going to be some kind of bassline of melody and arrangement so it doesn’t feel so disparate. It’s very exciting for us in a different way that making the Swift album was exciting was for us.”

The song “Hard Times” tackles the touchy issue of women’s rights. Miller says this about the song: “That one I think, I didn’t have time to obscure what I was saying. I normally would. I would just be like I’m not going to call the song ‘Hard Times’ because it is hard times. Talking about your sisters, yeah that’s a little bit on the nose. But there was something about the immediacy of it that I did. I’m always a little bit hesitant saying what my intention is with the song because I am also super into not letting people know. I don’t think a lot of those lyrics are not obscured. I think a lot of that stuff is just saying what I’m thinking about. When I say “one click at a time” it’s about social media and this malaise that has kind of come over me and my peers for the last two years basically…While the slings and arrows that are happening right now aren’t necessarily necessary, but I think there is sort of—not a silver lining—but that there’s a greater journey that’s going on. I think that’s what I was kind of hoping for in this song.” 

Guster is as insightful as they are lighthearted, and you can catch them in support of the new album Look Alive at the House of Blues in Cleveland, on July 26.

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Reserved balcony seats are priced at $36. General admission floor tix (standing room only) are $26.

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