blink-182 / Lil Wayne

Fans can expect a tour like no other from blink-182 and Lil Wayne, two artists who have both defined and defied their respective genres over the past two decades. They have both seen incredible success in their long-lasting careers with the astonishing number of awards, multi-platinum albums and singles and #1 songs stacked between the two of them – a testament to each’s long-standing and loyal fan bases.

20 years? Holy shit! It has been 20 years. 20 years since the release of blink-182’s massively successful album, ‘Enema of the State.’ The record featured a handful of standout songs including “Dumpweed,” “Aliens Exist,” “Going Away to College,” “All the Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again” and “Adam’s Song.” (I suppose that’s more than a handful, eh?) Blink is said to be playing this landmark album in its entirety on their upcoming tour with hip-hop star Lil Wayne.

This preview writer, at the ripe age of 16, considered the show, 20 YEARS AGO, to be a religious experience. Even with renowned drummer Travis Barker sidelined after having his arm broken at the Taco Bell on Graham Road just hours prior the show (nope; not kidding!), and a less-than-adequate fill-in, a non-drummer from, opening band Fenix TX, the show was still incredible. It was the first time this writer tried crowd surfing, watched his first gal flash her boobies at a show (a religious experience in itself!), and seeing the band up-close-and-personal in the pit, while paying only $25 for the ticket.

So much has changed in 20 years. Album sales ain’t what they used to be, this writer is too fat and old to crowd surf (and married, so no looking at the boobies), the band has matured, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio has replaced Tom DeLonge (who has left the group to prove their 1999 hit “Aliens Exist” is, in fact, true), and ticket prices for prime seats are much, much, much more than $25.

The Grammy-nominated punks recently premiered a new track, “Generational Divide” from their highly anticipated new album via Columbia Records.

Since their humble beginnings in 1992 in San Diego, blink-182 have sold over 50 million albums worldwide and rocked audiences around the globe, becoming one of the defining and inspirational rock bands of their generation.

As for rap star Lil Wayne? What an odd choice for a co-headliner! But damn, it makes the bill badass and one of the most unique tours of the summer.

For many years, Lil Wayne was the flagship artist of Cash Money Records, before ending his long-tenured deal with the company in June 2018.

Lil Wayne’s solo debut album ‘Tha Block Is Hot’ (1999) was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His subsequent albums, ‘Lights Out’ (2000) and ‘500 Degreez’ (2002), went on to be certified gold. Lil Wayne reached higher popularity with his fourth album ‘Tha Carter’ (2004), as well as with his appearance on the song “Soldier” with Destiny’s Child that same year. The album was followed by ‘Tha Carter II’ (2005), as well as several mixtapes and collaborations throughout 2006 and 2007. Lil Wayne gained more prominence with his sixth album ‘Tha Carter III’ (2008), which became his most successful album to date, with first-week sales of over one million copies in the United States. The album won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and includes the singles “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “Got Money”.

Following the success of ‘Tha Carter III,’ Wayne decided to record a rock-esque album titled ‘Rebirth.’ The album, released in 2010, was certified gold by the RIAA

His twelfth studio album, ‘Tha Carter V,‘ was released in 2018 after multiple delays. It sold 140,000 copies in its first week and went on to be certified platinum. Lil Wayne has sold over 100 million records worldwide, including more than 15 million albums and 37 million digital tracks in the United States, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. Lil Wayne also currently serves as the CEO of his own label imprint, Young Money Entertainment.

Reservd pavilion seats are priced at $147.50, $127.50, $92, $82, or $77; GA Lawn tix are $37.50.

Prices subject to additional service fees. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Blossom Music Center box office or online via the link below: