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by Joel Voorman
Allen Stone

Allen Stone is an R&B / soul singer from Chewelah, WA. The son of the pastor of the local church, he was immersed in gospel from an early age until he found funk and soul as a teenager through Stevie Wonder’s ‘Inversions.’ Billboard has praised his “disarmingly soulful vocals” and WXPN says “his energetic shows, plus his warm and evocative albums, explain why Stone has such a solid fan base.”

Stone continues to grow, and grow, and grow some more! This preview first saw Allen perform as the first opener for Jack’s Mannequin in 2012; before moving up to opening for O.A.R. at Jacobs Pavilion, to taking the stage at a sold-out show at freakin’ Blossom Music Center this past summer opening for Goo Goo Dolls and Train!

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Stone’s most recent album, 2019’s ‘Building Balance’ is rooted in a mix of genres from 70s D.C. go-go music and hip-hop to soul and funk. Allen Stone’s third record is built around the central and very human question of finding balance, largely constructed at a vital point in the 32-year old musician’s life when he was figuring out how to balance the new and old parts of his life, the romance and rest of domesticity with the intensity of his career as a touring musician. “The balance through the turmoil of strife and struggle is the best balance you can build because you’re growing, you’re strengthening, you’re utilizing muscles,” Allen Stone says of the album. “If it was a cakewalk then you’re not gonna fortify those tendons or that willpower.”

‘Building Balance’ is Allen Stone’s third record, and arguably his most sentimental and experimental, diving headfirst into the depths of emotion on cuts like “Brown Eyed Lover” and “Consider Me” while tapping into the nostalgic funk sound that has put him on the map on “Back to the Swing” and “Sweaters”. Building Balance sees the soul vanguard continuing to draw inspiration from ’70s-era genre icons, his tremulous voice sitting amid D’Angelo in its sultrier moments and Stevie Wonder at its most melodic. A textured amalgam of R&B and soul, Building Balance puts Allen Stone front & center as an artist that has not only grown into his own, but one that has learned to balance and appreciate all parts of his life from the vices of the past to the gifts of the present.

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