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Tim Reynolds Interview (TR3)

Tim Reynolds Interview
Tim Reynolds (Photo: Joel Voorman / CleveRock)

Reynolds has played the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland his last three times through town. This time, his show moves to the Kent Stage, a seated venue. Tim is excited to perform in that setting:

“I love those gigs! We have a lot of music that is more appropriate for those gigs. Sometimes, in a loud bar you have to keep the energy up instead of playing something that is more dynamically down and it’s more interesting if they want to listen, but most of the time they just want to rock out. We have special tunes that we like to do for those shows. The clubs are awesome. We go back to the same ones or try new ones sometimes. It’s just a neat kind of energy in those kind of venues sometimes. It’s just a great crowd of people and they are radiating energy and it’s the best thing in the world. It has to be in the context of when it’s alive and funky. A lot of times those places are only there for the music. A lot of great little places you walk into and it’s like ‘this place is really ugly’ and there is shit written on the walls. The venue has been there since the cave times, it’s just rocks! “

Tim lives the high life and travels in luxury during the summer months with DMB, but jumps in a tour van and hauls from gig to gig, where TR3 lugs their own equipment and set up on their own.

“Well, the scale for sure is totally different. When you play the smaller gigs you get to have a much more variety in experience, as it were, in smaller towns or cities, too. We get up at noon or 1:00 and we drive to the next venue, and then we set up and eat dinner and then play right away or wait an hour or two to play.”

While Tim conveyed he loves his tours with DMB, he did talk about the set backs of not having the freedom he does compared to TR3 shows.

“DMB has such a big production, but there’s lots of security. You have to go in and out with identification and in those big places you really can’t go out a lot of the times because there are lots of awesome fans and you can’t really just go out for a walk or wander around. It’s cool though, because it gives you a certain kind of relaxing mode for the day and the energy is really intense. With TR3 we just go out in a van and there is no security apparatus and the fans are like cults, which is awesome. It’s just a down to earth way to play music. It’s a great way to experience a wide variety of venues. ”

Reynolds first made a mainstream splash in 1999 with the release of ‘Live at Luther College,’ a live acoustic recording as a duo with Matthews. Despite wowing listeners, Tim has somehow managed to improve and mature his sound both with both DMB and TR3 over the years. Not an easy task considering how incredible he sounded on the 1999 release.

“I guess I’m neurotically schizophrenic about my music and I feel like I don’t have my shit together I’m always trying to correct that. It’s a never ending learning experience. You learn something new from every musician that you ever play with and every record that you ever listen to. It’s like reading a great book. If you read a great book, sometimes it gives you a whole new education to read it again. I have so many books that I want to read again, but I don’t have time because I want to read new books. I’m still trying to fucking learn how to play guitar. I’ll play TR3 songs and go off on a tangent when I fuck it up in the gig and need to work on it for a while. Then I just want to go to bed and get some sleep.”
TR3 will perform at the Kent Stage on Thursday, February 19! Complete show and ticket info can be found, HERE!
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