Aaron Lewis concert photos from Medina, OH’s Thirsty Cowboy on Friday, January 24, 2014. Photos © Kevin Kopanski / CleveRock.

CleveRock contributor Kevin Kopanski had an opportunity to gather Staind’s Aaron Lewis concert photos on Friday, 01.24.14. Kevin has photographed Lewis several times both as a solo artist and performing with his band, Staind. Friday night marked the second time that Kopanski was able to shoot Aaron at a hillbilly / honky-tonky type venue, this time at the Thirst Cowboy in Medina, OH. Kevin had previously had the opportunity to shoot Lewis at the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown, OH.

Please check out more of Kevin’s work at his official website: http://Kopanskiphoto.com – His website features some incredibly moving photos from his work in Uganda working with The Poultry Project.
Kopanski is looking forward to shooting Aaron Lewis again this spring in Columbus, OH, where Lewis will be performing as the frontman for his band, Staind, as one of the top billed acts at Rock on the Range ,one of the biggest straight up rock festivals in the country.

Aaron Lewis entered the music world with a loud bang in 1999 on the Family Values tour. He performed what would became a smash single, “Outisde,” with the world’s largest dbag, Fred Durst, who nearly ruined the amazing performance. If you have yet to see this video, I recommend you check it out, here!

“Outside” would eventually appear on Staind’s 2001 masterpiece, ‘Break the Cycle.’ 

While Lewis found great success with Staind, he chose to record a couple of country albums and tour much smaller venues to provide a more intimate experience for his fans. His most recent country album, ‘The Road’ was released in 2012. ‘The Road’ marked the follow up to Lewis’ debut solo album, ‘Town Line,’ which dropped in 2011.

Check back in May to view Staind performing at Rock on the Range, as well as full festival coverage!
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